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‘HMS’ (Anthony) Stevens Sailor, Aviator, Author and Artist

HMS is a ‘nickname’ borne years ago in the mists of time as from a very early age Anthony felt the calling of the sea as a career. Whilst others went through the fantasies of wanting to drive a steam train, be a policeman, fireman or in some cases a film star! Anthony just wanted to follow a naval career sailing the seven seas.

Always looked upon as a cheerful ‘chappie’ amongst his schoolmates who knew of Anthony’s plans to follow a Naval career, they gave him the nickname Happy Mug Stevens, playing on the acronym of HMS, Her Majesty’s Ship!

When not sailing the worlds oceans, HMS has been collecting, buying/selling marine and aviation artwork plus medals and artefacts.  Having now ‘Swallowed the Anchor’ and when not flying, writing or painting he is actively buying and selliing nautical/aviaition/transport memorabilia. Please check out the shop or maybe you have something similar to sell? Then contact HMS through the contact page on the website.